Simple access to your accommodation

Check-in made simple! We want to make sure that your stay with us will be hassle-free starting with checking-in. Here are friendly reminders regarding your check-in.



- Your access code will be sent via email, your chosen booking platform.


- Our service team will be happy to help you via phone or email during the duration of your stay.


- Your privacy and security is important to us. We have video surveillance on our hallways to document any incidents. Our cameras are placed to give tenants and staff a sense of security and safety.


- While the pandemic COVID-19 is ongoing, we make sure that we go through proper sanitation and disinfection. We do have disinfectant dispensers in the entrance area, increased cleaning frequencies, and provided general information and rules of conduct in public areas.




Our location

Heidelberger Str 23,
51065 Köln

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